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Lightweight curatorial tools for shared ownership and governance of NFTs.

Seasons (SZNS) is a collective ownership protocol, allowing for users to collectively own and manage NFT assets. The platform offers lightweight DAO management of NFT baskets called โ€œCollectionsโ€ (previously referred to as Albums).

For example, a user might launch a SZNS Collection to fractionalize an NFT into ERC20 tokens. While many platforms fractionalize NFTs today, Collections take this a step further by offering plug and play DAO tooling to collectively manage the collection of NFTs as a DAO, voting on proposals to sell the NFT, transfer the NFT, lend out the NFT, and more.

Read below for more information about the protocol, application, and how to participate in the community!

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How does the SZNS protocol work?

The SZNS protocol provides a plug and play governance system for anyone interested in creating an NFT DAO. Those interested in spawning a community to manage and develop NFT assets can do so by creating "Collections" on SZNS. A Collection (previously called "Albums") is effectively an NFT DAO on SZNS. The protocol is governed today by the SZNS multisig and will progressively decentralize to be managed by the SZNS protocol DAO.

What is a Collection DAO?

A Collection is a primitive introduced by SZNS that refers to a collection of NFTs represented by ERC20 tokens with integrated governance tooling. Holders of the Collection's ERC20 tokens not only have fractional ownership of the NFTs, but can also participate in curatorial actions as a DAO.

Collections enable community-driven curations, where the Collection token holders can work together as a DAO to give greater meaning to their fractional ownership, whether it means adding additional NFTs into an Collection, collectively deciding on a buyout or finding other ways to discover utility of their collectively owned assets.

We believe fractionalization is a powerful democratizing tool. In the context of fine art, it can enable ownership of high-value assets that were previously reserved almost exclusively to the wealthy. Collections go a step further by giving fractional owners the ability to cooperate as a DAO and make their ownership more meaningful.

Read more about Collections here.

Who can participate in SZNS?

SZNS is built for NFT experts, artists, and newbs in mind. There are many ways to get involved! Below are some different ways that creators, curators, and collectors can use SZNS.

NFT creators: SZNS is an opportunity for NFT artists and creators to invest in their own works, access liquidity, and grow a community of supporters.

Rather than individually selling NFTs, the artist/creator can create a SZNS Collection with a collection to fractionalize and access liquidity for his or her work, while being able to capture the upside of their works' growth. They can interact with their supporters who hold the Collection Tokens through governance.

This is also a way for NFT artists to allow many people to access their works through the Collection Tokens for those who cannot afford to purchase an entire NFT.

NFT curators: NFT curators who have noteworthy NFT collections can create a Collection of their NFTs to access liquidity and allow others to bet and grow with the curator.

An NFT curator can demonstrate his or her collecting skills by continuing to collect appreciating NFTs into a Collection and giving fractional ownership to anyone in the world.

NFT collectors: NFT collectors now have access to high-value NFTs through fractionalization, purchasing Collection Tokens that hold the NFTs they desire for ownership. Fractional ownership also becomes much more meaningful on SZNS, as these fractional token owners can participate in governance to perform various actions, such as contributing to the curation of that Collection by voting on which NFTs can be added.

With SZNS, collectors are able to learn from the best curators in the game by joining their community token networks!

Interested in launching an Collection DAO?

If you're interested in launching an Collection with us, please reach out to us by filling out the form here.

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