⚙️Proposal Process

All proposals in SZNS Collections move through a governance process with similar components. Under the hood, the Gnosis safesnap module allows for these communities to vote offchain and execute onchain. If you'd like more details on the proposal criteria see the Governance Rules.

Proposal States

State 0: Submission

Token holders of a particular Collection are able to submit proposals via the "Proposals" button on the Collection Page. See custom proposals or standard proposals for more information!

State 1: Voting Active

SZNS provides standard interfaces for various actions Collections need to perform to succeed. Each proposal type requires different inputs for the specific purpose.

Proposals submitted to a Collection begin as either Standard Proposals or Custom Proposals. The subsequent verification and execution steps remain the same.

State 2: Double-checking

This process lets you verify results for on-chain execution using reality.eth.

Step 1: Request execution of the transaction

Step 2: Set the condition of the outcome and submit your bond

Step 3: Wait for the oracle to verify which will take 1 week on Mainnet

State 3: Needs Execution

Finally, proposals that pass the reality.eth process successfully allow anyone to execute the transactions to complete the proposal. This stage also allows the bond set in the double-checking state to be re-claimed by their owner.

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