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Collection Bounty Board is a Standardized Proposal that allows for a community to incentivize the deposit of one or many NFTs in exchange for a pre-determined amount of $COLLECTION tokens. Upon deposit, the specified amount of tokens is minted and deposited into the users wallet.

Bounty Board: Proposal Process

Step 1 (Submit a proposal for voting):

Step 2 – Verify results through Reality.eth

This process lets you verify results for on-chain execution through a third party that crowdsources verification (reality.eth)

Step 1: Request execution of the transaction

Step 2: Set the condition of the outcome and submit your bond

Step 3: Wait for the oracle to verify which will take 1 week on Mainnet

Step 3 – Final step: proposal execution

Regardless of whether a proposal fails or passes, if the results from verification are correct, you will want to claim your bond that you initially put up to verify the results from the Reality.eth oracle.

Verification failed:

Verification passed:

Bounty Board: Submit NFTs

  1. Select NFTs

  2. Approve contracts

  3. Submit

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