Standard Proposals

Learn how to use SZNS most powerful feature
Standard proposals define proposals built into the SZNS interface. These proposals include common actions taken by Collection tokenholders to make the process of governance easier for non-technical members (see Collection Proposals section below for examples).
Standard proposals provide intuitive interfaces for common actions.
Examples of Proposal Actions include:
Add NFT Propose to add a specific NFT into the Collection
List NFT Propose to list an NFT in exchange for ETH
Bounty Board Propose a set of NFTs to be accepted by the DAO in return for a pre-determined amount of $COLLECTION tokens
Transfer ETH/ERC20s Send ETH/ERC20s to any public ETH address
Transfer NFTs Send NFTs to any public ETH address
Distribute Tokens Send ETH or ERC20 proportionally to all Collection members
Collection Actions
SZNS takes common actions that are most relevant to NFT DAOs, such as buying and selling NFTs, and creates a Standard Proposal flow that abstracts away the need to craft complex transactions.
Please reach out in our Discord if you're struggling with any aspect of Standard Proposals.