Expedited Processing

SZNS Collection governance defaults to a two week long period for a proposal to pass securely with adequate time to identify and refute proposals that are misaligned. While this offers a secure path for decision-making, the flow does not provide agility in decision-making. Below we define another alternative option for Collections who require an expedited process.

sznsDAO Fast Execution (~1 Week)

The sznsDAO is able to arbitrate and pass or fail any proposal in an Collection's governance after a proposal enters the Arbitration Period. During this period, a Collection can coordinate with the sznsDAO to expedite a process for them.

Teams interested in this path will ask users to add their proposals through the Collection UI. This requires two transactions (an approval and a confirm to submit). Parameters are pre-set to simplify the process.

While there are two code enforced parameters (bond amount of 1 ETH and length of 1 week), DAOs are meant to follow the default DAO Requirements (also noted in Default Collection Governance). It is up to the DAO community to follow this. The community can decide to adjust these parameters for various circumstances if needed.

If a Collection anticipates a large number of proposals to be expedited, they need to coordinate with the sznsDAO to define a bulk transaction date. This will allow for a more refined process of execution, and limits the chance for an improper transaction.

The date chosen will define the date by which all proposals should be pushed through by the community. For instance, if an execution date is set for October 14th, all NFT proposals should be initiated before the 7th so they may pass the DAO governance process requirements of a 1-week voting period.

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