📝Custom Proposals

The SZNS platform allows for any arbitrary calldata to be passed for voting and execution, as long as the user can craft and submit the transaction via the SafeSnap module.

The ability to pass Custom Proposals allows a DAO to manage their NFTs inside the Collections in an extremely flexible and decentralized way. Any tokenholder of an Collection is able to submit Custom Proposals, crafting a transaction to be voted on that allows for an on-chain execution of the transaction after a successful vote. Crafting Ethereum transactions to be voted on, however, introduces certain challenges to DAOs:

  • Barrier to entry, as only technical users can submit the proposal

  • Exposes the user to potential errors in crafting the transaction correctly

  • The DAO must also review the transaction to ensure it is not crafted in a malicious manner

The end goal for SZNS is to codify as many arbitrary proposal as possible into easy standard proposals that anyone can interact with so that more people can participate in governance.

Go here for a more complex example.

This step involves navigating to the Collection snapshot instance, inputing a title and description, adding voting options, and then constructing a custom transaction at the end.

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