🎨Creating an NFT Collection

The process for creating an Collection is simple and done fully through the SZNS UI.

Step 1. Connect Wallet

Step 2. Click 'Create Collection'

Step 3. Enter Collection details and select NFTs

Collection details include information about the Collection token (name, total supply, initial ownership address...).

Step 4. Distribute tokens

The Collection creator decides how much of the Collection token will be sent to an initial auction. The rest of the tokens remain in the creator's address to be used in various ways (manual distribution, market liquidity, voting, etc).

Step 5. Grow your community!

Once the tokens are distributed, it's time to grow your community! This can be done in a variety of ways. The most effective path currently relies on DAO communications via tokenized chat access using CollabLand or Noble. If the community grows large enough, it would be effective to build a governance forum in order to track long form decisions and ideas.

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