The SZNS protocol will take a path of progressive decentralization to develop a governance pushed forward by the community of $SZNS token holders.

What does the sznsDAO govern?

While the sznsDAO will continue to evolve, initial governance includes decisions around the SZNS treasury, the Album Factory parameters, and Album voting arbitration.

Governance Arbitration

The sznsDAO provides an important role as backstop for a Collection DAO's governance decisions. If somehow an oracle verifies an inaccurate outcome, the sznsDAO can halt an action from being committed to chain.

The sznsDAO can also be invoked by the community to pass a proposal quickly.

Treasury Management

The sznsDAO will be responsible for deciding how to use assets in the treasury to create value for the network. These decisions include managing Collection Tokens to support the community and broader network.

Album Factory

The Album Factory defines the sensible default parameters given to each Collection at launch. This determines the way communities vote to add new NFTs and members, or coordinate a Collection buyout using the SZNS governance stack. SZNS holders will be able to propose new default parameters for the factory as the protocol evolves.

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