Collective Ownership

SZNS allows users to share ownership and governance over NFTs as a community. Whether with strangers or a group of friends, users can securely co-own and manage NFTs inside a SZNS Collection.


NFTs are contained in smart contract wallets (called Collections) generated by the SZNS protocol’s smart contracts. Collections heavily leverage the Gnosis Safe as a core component to enable shared ownership and governance of the assets held inside the Collection.

The assets (NFTs, ETH, etc.) within a Collection can only be moved, withdrawn, or used based on the governance voting of all Collection token owners. For example, if the Collection Tokenholders would like to list a certain NFT in the Collection for sale, they must vote on a Proposal to list the NFT to sell and the vote must pass the requirements set by the DAO specified by the Collection's Governance Rules, which can be found in the Collections Details page on SZNS UI or in the [daorequirements] txt record of the Collection's ENS space in [collection-name].szns.eth (for example:

Each Collection is responsible for its own security and governance. However, the SZNS protocol provides a way to aid Collection DAOs to defend against malicious proposals via its Arbitration System (link).

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